Bayside Gourmet

Gourmet's Specialties

When you need a heartier meal, these selections will satisfy. Large enough to share. (But who would want to?)

Grouper Reuben ~ $10.00

Grilled or Blackened grouper topped with sauerkraut, homemade Thousand Island dressing, smothered in Swiss cheese. Served on marble rye bread


Classic Cuban Press  ~ $9.00

Roast Cuban pork, sliced deli ham, topped with pickles, Swiss cheese and mustard, served on homemade pressed Cuban bread


Lasagnas  ~ $15.00

CLASSIC - Marinara sauce, ricotta & mozzarella
MEAT - Bolegnese sauce, ricotta & mozzarella
Served with a small garden salad 


Spicy Fish Taco ~ $10.00

Blackened grouper served with pepperjack cheese, fresh homemade salsa and shredded lettuce stuffed in a flour tortilla


A "Real Philly Cheesesteak" ~ $9.00

Sliced ribeye served "Wit or Witout" onions topped with your choice of cheese. Served on an Amoroso roll, straight from Philadelphia